Thursday, October 05, 2006

Gunnedah (Part IV)

This is the fourth and final post documenting my recent visit to (and my previous life in) my Australian hometown of Gunnedah.

Above: On Sunday, September 24, 2006, my parents and I visited Heather and John Sills – our neighbours in Beulah Street, Gunnedah for over thirty years. Pictured from left: John, Heather, and my parents, Margaret and Gordon.

Above: John and Heather’s 1961 wedding with, at right, my mother as bridesmaid, and my father as groomsman.

Above: The Sills family – 1991. From left: Troy, John, Jillian, Heather, and Jenny.

Above: Jenny with my elder brother Chris on his fifth birthday – January 1968.

Above: Troy and I at my brother’s fifth birthday party – January 1968.

Above: My younger brother Tim with Jillian – early 1970s.

Above: Gunnedah superheroes! From left: Me, Jillian, Troy, and Tim.

Above: With Jillian and my brother Tim in the Namoi River – January 1981.

Above: Tim, Jillian, and Deano, my family’s Yellow Labrador – January 1981.

Above: With Jillian in 1988.

Above: Celebrating my brother Tim’s wedding. From left: Mum, Heather, Jillian, John, Nanna Smith (Dad’s mother) and Dad – October 1990.

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Anonymous said...

Great stuff. I too lived in Gunny and was a parishioner of St Joseph Church. Probably a bit older than you, and I too, live in the USA. I didn't know any of your family which is strange as I went to many weddings while working as a photog forKeith Riley. Should you wish to read any of my 'scratchings' have a squiz at