Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Trees on Summit Avenue

I share this evening some images I captured earlier this month when walking along Summit Avenue in St. Paul. I was on my way to attend Mass with the Cornerstone Old Catholic Community, which meets at St. Paul on the Hill Episcopal Church.

These images are accompanied by a poem by J. Daniel Beaudry.


by J. Daniel Beaudry

Tree, gather up my thoughts
like the clouds in your branches.
Draw up my soul
like the waters in your root.

In the arteries of your trunk
bring me together.
Through your leaves
breathe out the sky.

For more about Old Catholicism, click here.

Images: Michael J. Bayly.


Mareczku said...

Thank you for the beautiful pictures and the poem, Michael. Many blessings to you.

Michael J. Bayly said...

Thanks, Mark. And blessings to you too!