Friday, September 10, 2010

An Ideal Vision

Continuing with The Wild Reed series on “The Dancer and the Dance,” I share today a short but insightful quote by Deborah Jowitt.

The virtuosic dancer goes beyond the great athlete, who develops speed and coordination and strength in service of a complex of goals, and beyond the circus acrobat, who perfects variations on a single superb trick. . . . The dancer, like athlete and acrobat, presents speed, equilibrium, coordination, limberness, strength – human attributes that, although within the reach of almost everybody, rarely combine as excellently in life as we’d like them to. But because the dancer is not limited by the athlete’s concrete purposes and the acrobat’s single-minded focus, he or she more freely presents us with an ideal vision of ourselves.

– Deborah Jowitt
Time and the Dancing Image
p. 366

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