Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Quote of the Day

[Some people argue against acceptance of gay and lesbian relationships] because in discussing male/female union [in Matthew 19: 4-6] Jesus didn’t make an exception [for same-sex couples]. This is a giant and totally unsupported leap in logic. Just because I say I like oranges and bananas, and don’t mention apples, doesn’t mean I don’t like apples.

I would take the opposite view: Jesus had more than ample opportunity throughout his life to condemn same-sex relationships and, as far as I can recall, there is no instance of his doing so. He certainly condemned the money changers in the temple. He told the rich man to sell all and give to the poor. But he said nothing about same-sex relationships.

His great commandment, “Love God and love one another as you love yourself,” is one which I would suggest [we] consider when [we] look at GLBT people in and out of committed relationships.

– Raymond Voss
Metro Lutheran
Vol. 25, No. 9, September 2010

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