Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Where to Donate Your Unwanted Copy of the MN Bishops' Anti-Gay DVD

I received the following message from my friend Lucinda, who, as most readers would know, was recently "suspended" from her position as Artist-in-Residence at the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis for going public with her DVD to ART project.

Lucinda initiated this project as a way of responding creatively to the Minnesota bishops' recently launched anti-gay marriage campaign - a campaign that involves the mailing of an "educational" DVD
to 400,000 Catholic households throughout the state. The DVD urges Catholics to support efforts to outlaw same-sex civil marriage in Minnesota. Two of the three candidates in the upcoming gubernatorial election support same-sex marriage.


Though I haven't seen one yet, I know the archbishop's DVDs are starting to arrive. I know we can make a difference, showing the loving and inclusive side of the Catholic community by transforming the archbishop's negative message into positive art. (More information at link below.)

Please help spread the word about how people can donate their DVDs to DVD to ART.

The following locations have generously offered to be drop-off sites for the DVDs:

St. Martin's Table Restaurant and Bookstore
2001 Riverside Ave., Minneapolis

Hours: Monday-Friday: 10:00 a.m - 3:00 p.m.,
and Saturday: 9:00 a.m - 3:00 p.m.
(DVDs can be left anytime at the counter.)

Spirit of the Lakes/Minnehaha
United Church of Christ

4001 38th Ave. S., Minneapolis

Drop-off Hours: Thursday-Fridays: 9:00 a.m. -1:00 pm and evenings.

Parkway United Church of Christ
3120 Washburn Ave. N., Minneapolis
(across the Parkway from North Memorial Hospital)

Phone: 612-522-2982

OutFront Minnesota
310 38th St., Suite 204
(Sabathani Community Center)

Office Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Building Hours: Monday-Friday: 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.,
and Saturday: 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (DVDs can be left at front desk.)

NOTE: DVDs can also be mailed to:

P.O. Box 3028
Burnsville, MN 55337-3028

Please note on your DVD that it should be directed to DVD to ART.

Information about more DVD drop off sites will be posted on the DVD to ART Facebook Group (look at the group’s info page . . . and please join!) and www.dvdtoart.blogspot.com.

I would love to have volunteers willing to stand (off church property) with boxes and information near Catholic churches this coming Sunday. To volunteer please send an email to dvdtoart@gmail.com (so that we can coordinate efforts).

Spread the word!

Collect ‘em from your family and friends!

Again many thanks for your support of this project.

– Lucinda Naylor

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Michael J. Bayly said...

I found the following comment by "Chad G" on the website of U.S. Catholic. It was written in response to the magazine's story on Lucinda's project and the MN bishops' DVD. I thought it worth sharing here.


I feel that making this DVD was pointless. I can see the argument made above to clarify the message, but wouldn't a YouTube video have sufficed? The message would have been delivered, and the thousands of dollars saved could have been used for other good works of the Church.

It's also alarming to see the Archbishop's attitude toward the cost of creating & distributing the DVD. It seems that he feels that the cost doesn't matter because it's a secret donor.

I wholeheartedly feel that the Archbishop's motivation and subsequent justification of the project goes against the Church's social justice teachings, and is politically motivated. I think it's utterly disappointing that the Church would advocate against a minority, and leave the fate of a small, albeit controversial minority, to a vote by the majority. In the entirety of human history, have minority rights ever been granted by the majority? In our own short American history, minority rights have been mandated by the government which sees all people as equal. Isn't it a pity that the Church can't?

Lucienne Schroepfer said...

This stinks of money laundering and I am truly outraged at the masked political language throughout the message.

I quote for everyone (that has not received their letter accompanying the CD) one of its most offensive statements--- “ At best, so-called same-sex marriage is an untested social experiment and, at worst, it poses a dangerous risk with potentially far-reaching consequences.”

When will the weight of the church be appropriately focused on our growing issue of poverty? For a church that emphasizes one’s ACTS and not just one’s faith—I can only hope people will voice their opinions loudly. I’m afraid this step will do just what our church has tried to avoid by wielding its power. Loud Discussion.