Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Out and About – November 2010

The season's anguish, crashing whirlwind, ice,
Have passed, and cleansed the trodden paths
That silent gardeners have strewn with ash.

The iron circles of the sky
Are worn away by tempest;
Yet in this garden there is no more strife . . .

– Excerpted from "Winter Garden"
by David Gascoyne (1994)

On the evening of Tuesday, November 2 I had some friends over to watch the midterm congressional election results come in. Pictured above (from left) are John, Jairo and Bob.

Disappointed and troubled by the results, I posted the next morning a compilation of perspectives entitled Some Progressive Thoughts for the Day After. For quite some time it remained one of The Wild Reed's top ten most popular posts.

Left: A portrait of my friend Jairo that I took in August 2010. In mid-November Jairo returned to his homeland of Columbia. He will definitely be missed by many but will hopefully return to the U.S. some time next year.

Above: A performance of the Yuval Ron Ensemble – St. Paul, November 11, 2010.

For more images and commentary, click here.

Above: On November 11 I met Doug's parents (pictured with him above) for the first time. At one point I asked them what three words would they use to describe Doug as a child. They responded with: "determined," "thoughtful" and "caring." I smiled, realizing that these qualities live on in the man I'm dating.

Right: Not only is my "Mr. Brilliant" a determined, thoughtful and caring man, he's also a gifted artist and a former Gay Olympian! Oh, and he also knows a thing or two about power tools! How lucky am I?

Above: In the always warm and welcoming kitchen of my friends Noelle and John.

From left: Phil, John (with Quinn), Jacki, Noelle and Doug.

Above: Saturday, November 20 may have been a cold and icy November morning outside, but inside we enjoyed a wonderfully delicious brunch prepared by Noelle!

From left: Noelle, John, Brittany and Phil.

Above: Brittany, Phil, John and me – Saturday, November 20, 2010.

Above: Little Quinny Quinn Quinn! – Saturday, November 20, 2010.

Above: The view from my attic bedroom of the Twin Cities' first snowfall of the winter – Saturday, November 6, 2010.

Above: Celebrating Thanksgiving with (from left) Brittany, Phil, Noelle, Doug, Benjamin and John.

Left: I'm thankful for many things this year, but by far I'm most thankful for having met Doug in August and for the wonderful experience of being in relationship with him.

Above: On Thanksgiving evening I attended a delightful "Wine and Dessert" party hosted by my friend Brian.

Pictured from left: Meg, Chris, Doug, Vince and Brian.

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Images: Michael J. Bayly.


Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures, Michael! ~Bob

Mareczku said...

I love Out and About, Michael. Thank you so much for these beautiful pictures. That is great that you got to meet Doug's parents. I felt so warm inside my heart to see those pictures. And of course what a wonderful Thanksgiving you had and much to be thankful for. I had a good day Michael and Out and About makes it even better. Peace, love and blessings to you and Doug.