Thursday, January 20, 2011


Last Tuesday, January 11, I enjoyed an afternoon with my friends Raph and Iggy at Angourie, a small village renowned for its surf and "local surf industry icons." I was actually more interested in the rocks and trees!

Above and below: While at Angourie Ig went for a run along the beach . . .

. . . while Raph took a snooze!

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Photography: Michael J. Bayly.


AB said...

great pics! seemed to have captured some timeless moments...

brian gerard said...

Amazing rocks! PLUS more Raph AND Ig doing splits?! One of your very best posts

Michael J. Bayly said...

Glad you liked it, Brian. You'll get to meet Raph in April. He's coming to the Cities for a visit.

See you in a little over two weeks! Between now and then can you see if you can do something about the weather? -20 is not my idea of fun!



Mareczku said...

That is good that Raph is waiting for April for his trip. He had better wait until winter is over. But then again it probably snows in Minnesota in April too. Thanks for the great pictures. Yes, amazing. Enjoy that warmth and sunshine for us. Well, at least we had sunshine here today but it didn't even get close to freezing.

brian gerard said...

I'll get to work on the weather :)