Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy Birthday, Brendan!

My youngest nephew Brendan celebrates his 13th birthday today.

Happy Birthday, Brendan!

The entire Bayly family are currently gathered in Port Macquarie and, earlier this evening, we had a celebration for both Brendan and my niece Layne who turns 18 later this month. (I'll do a special post for Layne on her actual birthday!)

Left: Pictured with my four nephews: From left, Liam, Mitchell, Brendan and Ryan.

Brendan's parents, my brother Chris and sister-in-law Cathie.

In the (American) summer of 2008 Brendan and members of his family visited me in Minnesota. For images of this special time, see here and here.

Above: Brendan is quite the tennis player.
A champion in the making, I dare say!

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Mareczku said...

Happy Birthday to Brendan. He shares a birthday with my brother.