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While in Sydney visiting the McGowan family I'm staying in the inner city suburb (that's neighborhood to my American friends) of Leichhardt. Named after the Prussian explorer Ludwig Leichhardt, this area is known as Sydney's "little Italy," as at one point it was populated largely by Italian immigrants.

Right: My friends Jeremiah and Kristy and their daughter Frankie, with whom I'm staying in Leichhardt. Kristy recently described me to someone as Jeremiah's "childhood, boyhood, manhood friend." I think that sums it up pretty well! For more about my friendship with the McGowan family, see here, here and here.

Above: The view of Sydney's CBD (central business district) from Leichhardt.

Left: Collette, the youngest of Jeremiah's four sisters, with Frankie. On Monday, April 30, I went exploring Leichhardt with Collette and her boyfriend Jeremy. The images below are from our time together exploring and enjoying the sights of Leichhardt.

Above: A Federation-style house that caught my eye!

Above: Jeremy and Collette.

Above: Leichhardt Town Hall, built in 1888.

Above: Leichhardt's Italian Forum.

Notes Wikipedia: "The main commercial area in Leichhardt is located on Norton Street, north of Parramatta Road and parallel to Balmain Road. The Norton Street commercial area contains a mix of residential buildings, restaurants (Italian and others), cafés, eateries and individual retail outlets, including several bookstores and grocery shops. There are also hotels, a Palace Cinema and two of the suburb’s three shopping centres — Norton Plaza and the Italian Forum. The Italian Forum, located just off Norton Street, is notable for its design which seeks to emulate the feel of a Mediterranean town piazza. A pedestrian-only central courtyard featuring outdoors and indoors restaurant dining as well as Leichhardt Library is surrounded by small shops and boutiques on the level above, and all overlooked by residential apartments."

Above: It's spring back in Minnesota, but here in Australia it's autumn!

Left: With beautiful little Frankie!

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