Monday, June 04, 2012

Something to Think About . . .


Studies indicate same-sex-attracted young people may be several times more likely than heterosexual young people to attempt suicide. . . . It strikes me as obvious that church teachings on sexuality are wildly complicit in this shocking statistic.

The Catholic Church teaches that homosexuality is "objectively disordered", that homosexual acts are unnatural and sinful. Since for most of us sexuality is inseparable from the essence of who we are, the church is teaching adolescents (at a time when their self-image may be particularly vulnerable) that they are in some way rotten at the core. The church's unhealthy, misguided teachings and attitudes infiltrate and stain families and communities, conjuring up ancient, ignorant prejudices within us and validating them.

– Will Day
"Don't Tell the Cathedral"
Casey Weekly
May 28, 2012

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William D. Lindsey said...

A study just done in Arkansas shows:

1) In Arkansas nearly two thirds of LGBT youth report that they’ve been harassed with anti-gay slurs;

2) 42 percent have been harassed online;

3) One in four LGBT have been physically assaulted at school;

4) 36% describe themselves as happy as opposed to 67% of teens identifying as gay.

We have a very serious problem on our hands in American society.