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The Wild Reed's Year in Review

Part 4: October – December 2012

Following is a fourth and final selection of 2012 Wild Reed posts, the putting together of which I found particularly meaningful. Many of these posts have also generated the most comments from readers.

If you’ve yet to read these posts then I hope you'll take the time to do so. I also hope that the experiences and insights they convey will, in some way, resonate with you and encourage and inspire you on your journey.

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October 2012

In the lead up to the November 6 election and the referendum in Minnesota on the so-called 'marriage amendment,' October was an incredibly intense month for those of us advocating for marriage equality and thus a 'no' vote. How intense? Well, at times I considered my theme song to be Wanda Jackson's 'Nervous Breakdown'!

Oh, yeah, and somewhere amidst it all I turned 47!

Sergius and Bacchus: Martyred Lovers

The Longing for Love: God's Primal Beatitude

An Autumn Walk Along Minnehaha Creek

Into the Fray

Jim David on the "Actual Benefits of Same-Sex Marriage"


In the Eye of the Storm, A Tree of Living Flame

Love as Exploring Vulnerability

Superstorm Sandy: A 'Wake-Up Call' on Climate Change

November 2012

A great celebratory start to the month with the defeat on November 6 of not only the 'marriage amendment' but the equally horrendous 'voter photo ID amendment'! Minnesota actually made history by becoming the first state in the U.S. to defeat an anti-marriage equality amendment. In addition, marriage equality victories in a number of other states ensured that the November election results comprised a watershed moment for LGBT Americans.

Another highlight of November 2012 that I'll always remember and cherish was the absolutely beautiful fall colors we experienced here in Minnesota!

"Thou Hast Thy Music Too"

In St. Cloud, A Prayer Vigil for Peace, Justice, Hope and Healing

In Maine and Maryland, History is Made

Both 'Marriage Amendment' AND 'Voter Photo ID Amendment' Rejected by Minnesota Voters

Something to Celebrate!

Dancers Among Us

Quote of the Day – November 13, 2012

Michael Greyeyes on Temperance as a Philosophy for Surviving

"Something Sacred Dwells There"

Beyond the Hierarchy: The Blossoming of Liberating Catholic Insights on Sexuality (Part 7)

Something to Cherish

December 2012

A winter storm, a journey to Washington, D.C, grappling with news of unspeakable tragedy in Connecticut, and celebrating Christmas with dear friends in Minnesota – events and experiences that for me marked December 2012.

Crazy Horse: "Strange Man" of the Great Plains

A Visit to the National Museum of the American Indian

O Happy Day

Beatrice Marovich on Divinity and Animality in Life of Pi

Photo of the Day – December 9, 2012

Out and About – Autumn 2012

Winter Storm


Anne Rice on the "Genius of the Christmas Crib"

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' "Same Love"

Acknowledging, Celebrating, and Learning from Marriage Equality's 'Triumphs of Faith'

Out and About – December 2012

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