Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pahá Sápa Adventure

Part 3: Camp Life

After spending the afternoon of Saturday, June 8, 2013 in the Badlands, Kathleen, Joey, Will and I continued our westward journey to Pahá Sápa (the Black Hills of South Dakota). We arrived at our campground at the Roost Resort, located just outside of Custer, early that evening. For the next three days the Roost Resort served as our base camp as we went out and explored some new aspect of the Black Hills.

Left While I opted to 'rough it' in a tent, Kathleen and the boys stayed in the nearby 'Kamping Kabin.'

Here's a funny story: The photo above was taken on our third night of our stay at the Roost Resort. That's the remains of our previous night's meal on the ground in front of the fire. It's there because the handle of our cheap-ass frying pan snapped just as I was lifting it off the grate! We salvaged want we could of our meal.

Above: Kathleen, preparing to cook up a storm!

Above: Joey and Will were great fire-makers!

Above: In the heart of Pahá Sápa, the view from my tent!

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