Thursday, June 30, 2016

Quote of the Day

I know what smashing the system looks like, I just don't know how to achieve it. If I did, you could call me Che, and we'd be living in our utopia on Mars.

Incrementalism is a ruse, yet revolution often eats its own. Maintaining the status quo is the enabler, but bystanding only fuels demagoguery. We have to take action, but cleverly and with guile. Change can come in a flash, but that's only because many people tested the system for weaknesses and helped hobble the beast when the time is right. Yet, we've put a million chinks in its armor since the 60's civil rights movement, but the fucking thing continues to slouch on.

I thought the anti-war sentiment in 1990 was going to do it. Then the stolen election in 2000. Then opposition to the Iraq invasion in 2003. Then Occupy. Then Black Lives Matter. Etc. It ain't gonna happen in our lifetime, so all we can do is work smart, try to influence others, and pass along what we learned to the next hopeless generation yearning for improbable change. Or keep Jesse William's speech on a constant loop and pray for intercession from his steel gray eyes.

– Mick Schommer
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