Sunday, October 22, 2017

Autumn By the Creek

. . . Minnehaha Creek, that is!

As anyone who follows this blog would know, since January 2012 I've lived by Minnehaha Creek in south Minneapolis. It's a very beautiful part of the city, and I feel very fortunate to be living here.

A tributary of the Mississippi River, Minnehaha Creek starts at Gray's Bay at Lake Minnetonka and winds 22 miles through the cities of Minnetonka, Hopkins, St Louis Park, Edina, and Minneapolis before flowing into the Mississippi just beyond Minnehaha Falls.

I've come to greatly appreciate and enjoy spending time walking and exploring along that part of this beautiful ribbon of water as it winds through the area of south Minneapolis where I live.

And, of course, it's been an especially wonderful thing to experience the changing seasons – winter, spring, summer, and autumn – when living so close to Minnehaha Creek and its surrounding parkway and areas of urban wilderness.

And so today, the day before my 52nd birthday, I went for a solitary walk along the creek. Most of the images I share in this post were taken during this walk or in the past week. Enjoy!

Above: Standing alongside the tree I've come to experience as my "Prayer Tree."

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Images: Michael J. Bayly.

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Franco Manni said...

I remember that when I was a boy in our house there was an illustrated book titled America the Beautiful where there were photos very similar to these...