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The 2020 Democratic Presidential Race
Can Bernie Sanders Still Win? Here’s What the Delegate Math Says – Michael Grothaus (Fast Company, March 11, 2019).
Who Wants a Revolution? No One Who Owns a Major Media Outlet – Julie Hollar (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, March 16, 2020).
CNN’s Coverage of Sanders Was 3x More Negative Than Biden Following Their Big Primary Wins – Juan Caicedo and Sarah Lazare (In These Times, March 9, 2020).
Is the DNC Once Again Orchestrating the Defeat of a Socialist Candidate? – Marjorie Cohn (TruthOut, March 16, 2020).
New Analysis Proves Attacks on Sanders Supporters Are Part of Establishment Smear Campaign – Ed Sykes (The Canary, March 11, 2020).
Democrats Debate: Neoliberal “Pragmatists” Vs. People Pushing for Systemic Change – The Real News Network (March 16, 2020).
Don’t Blame Progressives: Trump’s 2020 Win Will Be on Centrists – Ted Rall (LA Progressive, May 20, 2020).

Joe Biden
Democrats, You Really Do Not Want To Nominate Joe Biden – Nathan J. Robinson (Current Affairs, March 7, 2020).
Joe Biden, The “Impulse Buy” Candidate – Sonali Kolhatkar (TruthDig, March 6, 2020).
Joe Biden Is “Completely Unelectable,” Says “Bond King” Jeffrey Gundlach – Kevin Stankiewicz (CNBC News, March 5, 2020).
Joe Biden Has Built a Career on Betraying Black Voters – Branko Marcetic (Jacobin, March 5, 2020).
Joe Biden Didn't Just Compromise With Segregationists. He Fought for Their Cause in Schools, Experts Say – Janell Ross (NBC News, June 25, 2019).
Ta-Nehisi Coates: “Joe Biden Shouldn’t Be President”Democracy Now! (June 20, 2019).
Socialists for Biden? – The Power of Corporate Media – Jeff Cohen (, March 16, 2020).
Joe Biden's “Woman Pledge” Is a Red Herring – Bridget Read (The Cut, March 16, 2020).
Joe Biden Is Still Lying About His Positions on Social Security Cuts, the Bankruptcy Bill, and More – Akela Lacy (The Intercept, March 17, 2020).
Six Times Biden Described Major Events in His Life That Never Happened – Alana Goodman (Washington Examiner, August 19, 2019).
The Americans Joe Biden Left Behind on the Bankruptcy Bill – Adam Levitin (The American Prospect, January 9, 2020).
House of Cards: How Joe Biden Helped Build a Financial System That’s Great for Delaware Banks and Terrible for the Rest of Us – Tim Murphy (Mother Jones, November/December, 2019).
A Biden-Trump Election Is a Win-Win for Wall Street and a Loss for Our Democracy – Kenneth Peres (Common Dreams, March 18, 2020).
“Zionist” Biden in His Own Words: “Name is Joe Biden, and Everybody Knows I Love Israel” – Ramy Baroud (CounterPunch, March 19, 2020).
Millennials Are the Most Indebted Generation. They Can Thank Joe Biden – Carl Beijer (Jacobin, March 21, 2020).
Joe Biden Will Lose a General Election to Donald Trump – Carl Beijer (Jacobin, March 21, 2020).
Joe Biden, the Cipher Presidential Candidate – Rich Lowry (Politico, March 26, 2020).
Joe Biden Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Senate Aide In 1993 – Alanna Vagianos (The Huffington Post, March 27, 2020).
A Sexual Assault Allegation Against Joe Biden Has Ignited a Firestorm of Controversy – Anna North (Vox, March 27, 2020).
Joe Biden Said He Believes All Women. Does He Believe Tara Reade? – Robby Soave (Reason, March 26, 2020).
The Slow-Motion Disaster That Is Joe Biden – Jeremy Riddle (Extra Newsfeed, March 26, 2020).
Why Did Joe Biden Disappear Right as the Coronavirus Pandemic Exploded? – Branko Marcetic (Jacobin, March 21, 2020).
#WhereIsJoe: Biden Campaign Tries to Stay Relevant Amid Coronavirus – Daniel Strauss and Lauren Gambino (The Guardian, March 28, 2020).
Biden Says Coronavirus’ Impact on Health System Hasn’t Changed His Mind on Single-Payer Health Care – Tucker Higgins (CNBC News, March 30, 2020).
“Poor Omen”: Just 24% of Biden's Supporters “Very Enthusiastic” – Less Than Half of Trump's 53% – Julia Conley (Common Dreams, March 30, 2020).
Why Progressives Lack Enthusiasm for Joe Biden – Ronald W. Dixon (Medium, March 30, 2020).
How “Never Bernie” Voters Threw In With Biden and Changed the Primary – Astead W. Herndon (The New York Times, April 1, 2020).

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders: We're Trying to Transform This Country, Not Just Beat Trump – MSNBC (March 4, 2020).
As the Economy Weakens, the Case for Bernie Grows Stronger – Eric Levit (New York Magazine, March 9, 2020).
Bernie Sanders Isn’t Like Most Candidates – That’s Why He’s Not Quitting – Joe Garofoli (San Francisco Chronicle, March 11, 2020).
Bernie Sanders Has No Reason to Drop Out. Here's Why – Saib Bilaval (Films for Action, March 12, 2020).
Bernie Sanders: We Are Winning “Ideological” & “Generational” Debate, Now Need to Win “Electability”Democracy Now!, March 12, 2020).
Bernie Sanders Is Not ‘Biden’ TimeDemocracy Now! (March 12, 2020).
The Christian Case for Bernie Sanders – Nyle Fort (Essence, March 12, 2020).
Ironically Enough, Bernie Sanders' Policies Could Have Saved Us From Coronavirus – Bonny Brooks (The Independent, March 11, 2020).
“Now Is the Time for Solidarity”: Bernie Sanders Addresses Health and Economic Crisis Facing US as Coronavirus Spreads – Jake Johnson (Common Dreams, March 12, 2020).
Bernie Goes Full FDR in National Address on the Coronavirus Pandemic and Suddenly, All Too Briefly, He’s the President We Need – Dave Lindorff (Nation of Change, March 13, 2020).
The Uncharted Territory of Bernie Sanders and the Movement Behind Him – Steve Fraser (Jacobin, March 17, 2019).
Stop Blaming Young Voters for Not Turning Out for Sanders – Ibram X. Kendi (The Atlantic, March 17, 2020).
Biden Is Winning, But Sanders’s Ideas May End Up Salvaging the Country – William Rivers Pitt (TruthOut, March 18, 2020).
The Sanders Worldview Wins Even as Bernie Loses – Janan Ganesh (The Financial Times, March 18, 2020).
While Mainstream Democrats Fumble, Bernie Sanders Is Modeling a Serious Response to Coronavirus – Natalie Shure (In These Times, March 19, 2019).
Bernie Sanders Is Trying to Rescue America’s Frail Democracy – Thomas Piketty (Jacobin, March 19, 2019).
Bernie 2020: What Went Wrong? – Anis Shivani (Common Dreams, March 21, 2019).
Too Late, Coronavirus Proved Bernie Sanders Was Right. Now We Have to Settle for a Recession Led by Biden – Carli Pierson (The Independent, March 24, 2019).
Why Bernie Sanders Is Still Running for President – Chris Cillizza (CNN, March 25, 2019).
Why Everyone Is Thanking Bernie Sanders Right Now – Even His Critics – Britni de la Cretaz (Yahoo! News, March 26, 2019).
Bernie Sanders Has Less Reason to Leave the Race Now – J.T. Young (The Hill, April 1, 2019).
Reality Has Endorsed Bernie Sanders – Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor (The New Yorker, March 30, 2019).
The Coronavirus Proves We Need Bernie Sanders Now More Than Ever – Ronald W. Dixon (Medium, April 3, 2020).

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