Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Something to Think About . . .

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Powerful Photos Show Healthcare Workers Quietly Standing Up to Lockdown Protesters in Denver – James Pasley (Insider, April 20, 2020).
The Right-wing Groups Behind the Wave of Protests Against Covid-19 Restrictions – Jason Wilson (The Guardian, April 17, 2020).
The Lockdown Is Tough. Ending It Too Soon Would Be Worse – Noah Smith (Bloomberg, April 16, 2020).
Trump Calls to “Liberate” States Where Protesters Have Demanded Easing Coronavirus Lockdowns – John Fritze and David Jackson (USA Today via Yahoo! News, April 17, 2020).
Pro-Trump Protesters Push Back on Stay-at-Home Orders – Sarah Rankin, Sean Murphy, David Eggert and Scott Bauer (Associated Press via PBS Newshour, April 17, 2020).
In Trump's “Liberate” Tweets, Extremists See a Call to Arms – Ben Collins and Brandy Zadrozny (NBC News, April 17, 2020).
“Liberate Minnesota” Didn’t Liberate Anything – David Weiss (Full Frontal Faith, April 18, 2020).
White People Have Been HOME for 3 Weeks – “Oh, the Oppression” – Hannah Drake (, April 15, 2020).
Christ the Redeemer Statue Lit Up as Doctor to Honor Frontline Medical Workers During Coronavirus Pandemic – Caitlin O'Kane (CBS News, April 13, 2020).
How America Built the Best Pandemic Response System in History – and Threw It Away – Will Dunn (New Statesman, March 24, 2020).

UPDATES: “That's the One There”: How a Photo of a Protesting Nurse in Phoenix Went Viral – Richard Ruelas (Arizona Republic, April 24, 2020).
To the People Protesting Stay-At-Home Orders: How Dare You – Kristine Koser (Yahoo! Life, April 24, 2020).
Coronavirus Cases Are Spiking in Places Where Trump Supporters Protested Stay-At-Home Orders – Sean Colarossi (PoliticusUSA, April 25, 2020).
Hospital Workers Like Me Are Waging a War Against Coronavirus. Where Is Our GI Bill? – Elizabeth May (The Intercept, April 23, 2020).
Coronavirus Has Now Killed More Americans Than Vietnam War – David Welna (NPR News, April 28, 2020).
Georgia Has Hundreds Of New COVID-19 Cases After Reopening On Friday – Moná Thomas (Narcity, April 28, 2020).

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