Saturday, July 18, 2020

Icon of Justice: Honoring the Life and Legacy of John Lewis, 1940-2020

Anchor the eternity of love in your own soul and embed this planet with goodness. Lean toward the whispers of your own heart, discover the universal truth, and follow its dictates. Release the need to hate, to harbor division, and the enticement of revenge. Release all bitterness. Hold only love, only peace in your heart, knowing that the battle of good to overcome evil is already won. Choose confrontation wisely, but when it is your time don’t be afraid to stand up, speak up, and speak out against injustice. And if you follow your truth down the road to peace and the affirmation of love, if you shine like a beacon for all to see, then the poetry of all the great dreamers and philosophers is yours to manifest in a nation, a world community, and a Beloved Community that is finally at peace with itself.

Writes Brad Collier:

The best way we can honor the life and legacy of John Lewis is to get out there and get involved in some “good trouble.” Stand tall in the face of oppression. Lift up those who are in danger of falling by the wayside. Engage in righteous, nonviolent protest. Register people to vote. Push your country toward the realization of its highest ideals, and do the same for yourself. Be kind. It falls to all of us to continue his work. Let’s make him proud.

Above: Rep. John Lewis in the Civil Rights Room in the Nashville Public Library in Tennessee – November 2016. (Photo: Mark Humphrey / Associated Press)

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