Wednesday, September 09, 2020

The Stakes Have Shifted

This was the weekend that climate change, in California, stopped being about the future. The weekend that the idea that COVID-19 was worse than climate change, or fascism was worse than climate change, disappeared. The experts, of course, had known this for some time. But by the point August turned into September, the drumbeat of California’s environmental anomalies had grown so horrid and relentless that not even the professionals could stay detached. Way back, a lifetime ago, on Sept. 3, Daniel Swain, UCLA’s extreme-weather climate scientist who’s made a name from himself by tweeting, in plain language, just what the hell is going on, wrote, “This *gesturing wildly and in every direction* is utterly exhausting.”

Still, through Friday the 4th and into Saturday the 5th, Swain tried his professional best to keep his readers up to date on the all-time record high temperatures in a staggering number of California cities and the unheard-of airlift rescue of 200 people from the Creek Fire surrounding Mammoth Lake. But by Saturday evening, his emotional and lexicographical reserves were growing thin. “Yeah, it is almost literally unbelievable, but I’ve been saying that a lot lately,” he wrote while commenting how the Creek Fire had exploded to more than 100,000 acres even before it reached the part of the Sierra where, due to climate change, bark beetles killed millions of trees.

For a moment early Sunday morning, he appeared to get his vocabulary and mojo back: “Active pyrocumulonimbus ("fire thunderstorm") activity occurred through night – resembling volcanic eruption . . .”

But by 8 a.m. he’d exhausted his vocabulary and himself: “These are getting harder and harder to write.”

The stakes had shifted; the essential subject-object dynamic changed. The earth – at least the part of it that is California – was no longer a backdrop for our actions, the set of our play. It had become the diva, the star of our horrible drama, the villain demolishing cascades of plans for all of us little specks hubristic enough to believe we could still make them.

– Elizabeth Weil
Excerpted from “The Climate Crisis Is Happening Right Now.
Just Look at California’s Weekend

September 9, 2020

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Image 1: The Bidwell Bar Bridge surrounded by flames of the North Complex fire – Lake Oroville, California, September 9, 2020. (Photo: Josh Edelson/AFP via Getty Images)
Image 2: California wildfire – 2020. (Photo: Photographer unknown)
Image 3: Wildfires in California's Butte County – 2020. (Photo: AP/Noah Berger)
Image 4: A California forest fire in 2018. (Photo: Kellan Hendry)

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