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Minnesotans Launch Super Tuesday Push for “Suspended But Not Ended” Candidate Marianne Williamson

Effort centers on TV ad campaign for the progressive
presidential candidate who has ballot access in 30 states

Minnesota Friends of Marianne Williamson, a grassroots group supportive of the Democratic former presidential candidate, is urging voters to cast their votes for the progressive activist and author who is on the ballot for next week’s Super Tuesday Minnesota primary.

“A candidate who has suspended their campaign can still be voted for,” says Michael Bayly, a member of Minnesota Friends of Marianne Williamson. “Also, if they receive 15% of votes, they can get delegates.”

“Marianne may not gain enough delegates to secure a path to the nomination,” continues Bayly, “but she could use any delegates she gains as leverage to push for a more progressive party platform at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in August.”

“Yet even without securing delegates,” says Bayly, “a vote for Marianne Williamson sends a clear message to the party establishment about the much needed progressive direction we want to see the party and the nation go. It’s also important to remember that, like any candidate who has suspended their campaign, Marianne can unsuspend hers at any time.”

In an effort to encourage Minnesotans to vote for Williamson next Tuesday, TV ads in support of her, and funded by the super PAC We the People 2024, will air in the Twin Cities starting this, Friday, March 1.

St. Paul resident Ben Adams founded Minnesota Friends of Marianne Williamson in response to concerns about President Biden.

“I hit a point in mid-2022 when I reached the conclusion that Biden was underperforming as President,” says Adams. “I decided he should be primaried to address the issues I had with his performance, which include the failure of the Build Back Better Act, his failure to fulfill campaign promises such as a minimum wage increase, his poor handling of the rail worker strike, his approval of the Willow Project in Alaska, his complicity in what the Israeli government is doing in Gaza, and his inability to articulate a good, long-term plan for the Democratic Party.”

Minneapolis resident Kate Kulas shares similar critiques of the president and so plans to vote for Williamson on Super Tuesday.

“Marianne’s the real deal,” says Kulas. “I have much respect for President Biden and his long political career and sacrifices over the years, but he has not followed through on campaign promises.”

Like Adams, Kulas cites a number of examples of the president’s “unfulfilled campaign promises.”

“The increase in minimum wage is a horrific failure,” she says. “Biden is still using the default policy based on the Raise the Wage Act of 2023, where in 2024 the minimum hourly wage is $9.50 with some states still using $7.25. Currently $15 per hour is considered not a poverty level wage. IMHO, $20 per hour is what is humanly just.”

Another example relates to Biden’s environmental record. “Biden’s approval of the Willow Project is in direct opposition to his promise to protect our Earth and its people from further harm,” says Kulas.

“And finally,” says Kulas, “the president’s failure to demand a ceasefire from the Israeli government lost my support for him.”

In contrast, Kulas notes that Williamson lists 31 “Policy Issues” on her website, with explanations on why each is needed and how she will implement them.

“Just look up ‘Climate Action’ and ‘Economy and Peace’ on her website,” says Kulas. “Marianne isn't just another politician saying things designed to make people feel good; Marianne Williamson is telling us exactly how these can be achieved! She says, Yes, we can! and then shows us how. I truly believe she will work for the good of all Americans. On Super Tuesday, she has my vote for President.”

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