Thursday, February 15, 2024

Finally . . . a “Significant Snowfall” Across Southern Minnesota

Last night and this morning saw the Twin Cities and much of southern Minnesota transformed into a veritable winter wonderland.

Following is how Andrew Krueger of Minnesota Public Radio News reports on “by far the largest snowfall of the season for many locations” throughout the state.

Much of southern Minnesota woke up to a rare sight Thursday – rare for this strange winter, at least: a significant snowfall.

A winter storm dropped more than a half-foot of snow on parts of the region, by far the largest snowfall of the season for many locations.

The snow exited the state early Thursday, leaving icy roads and a handful of school delays in its wake. It was a welcome sight to people who’ve been waiting to get out sledding and skiing – including organizers of the World Cup cross-country ski races that’ll bring elite athletes from around the world to Minneapolis this weekend.

. . . The National Weather Service reported 6.9 inches of snow as of midnight at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport – that’s a record for Feb. 14, and nearly double the amount of snow the airport had previously received the entire winter.

The season total before Wednesday in the Twin Cities was just 7.3 inches. It now stands at 14.2 inches – which is still more than 20 inches below normal, and more than 40 inches less snow than the Twin Cities had received at this point last winter.

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