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This Super Tuesday, Don’t Be “Uncommitted” . . .

Vote for the “ceasefire candidate,”
Marianne Williamson

During the current U.S. presidential primary season, the “uncommitted” movement is encouraging Democrats to check “uncommitted" on their primary ballots as a way of registering a protest vote against incumbent President Joe Biden for his refusal to demand a ceasefire in the Israel/Gaza conflict.

I believe a better way to go is to vote for the “ceasefire candidate” who is on the ballot in the majoroity of states. That candidate is author, activist, and progressive Democrat Marianne Williamson.

Following is what Marianne said just over a month ago about both the ongoing crisis in Israel and Gaza and the “uncommitted” movement. It should be noted that at the time of this interview, Democratic voters were being encouraged to write-in “ceasefire” so as to counter the Biden write-in campaign in the New Hampshire primary. In the recent Michigan primary and the primaries going forward, there is the option of checking “uncommitted” rather than voting for Biden.

Marianne’s message about the then ceasefire write-in campaign is just as applicable to the “uncommitted” option of today. And that message is this: a vote for her, an actual candidate committed to an unconditional ceasefire and a whole host of other progressive issues and policies, is a much stronger statement than any kind of write-in or “uncommitted” vote.

[U]nless we nominate someone, like myself, who’s been very clear about all this from the beginning [a large number of voters, young people especially, will turn away from this election].

You know, the president showed great moral clarity on October 7th, but he needs to show the same moral clarity regarding what has happened to the Palestinians. I think young people, particularly, see a deep injustice there. And yeah, I think that’s a good reason for the Democrats to nominate somebody who represents a stand for not just greater justice for the Palestinians, but for bold American leadership, to make sure that we are robustly and equally committed to the peace, safety, security and sovereignty of both peoples, both Israeli and Palestinian.

I believe that if we’re really concerned about the citizens of Gaza, if we’re most deeply concerned about what action would most get Joe Biden’s attention and make him actually reconsider his policies, I think it would be voting for a candidate who actually stands for a ceasefire. I would think that my getting a lot of votes, given the fact that I, in fact, do stand for a ceasefire, would get more of a raised eyebrow from the president than would a write-in campaign for “ceasefire.”

But like in all of these things . . . the citizen, the voter gets to make their decision for themselves. I hope that people who are considering writing in “ceasefire” from that position, which I know is a sincere desire to help the people of Gaza, I hope they will consider the possibility, which I believe is the reality, that a vote for me would be a stronger statement.

Also, let’s not forget that if Marianne gets enough votes, she’ll get delegates which she’ll then be able to use as leverage at the convention to make the Democratic party’s national platform as progressive as possible.

So, friends, if you consider yourself a progressive and/or an advocate for justice and peace and you live in one of the Super Tuesday states, now is your chance to “walk your talk.”

Vote tomorrow, Tuesday, March 5, for the “justice candidate,” the “peace candidate,” the “ceasefire candidate” . . . one of just two progressive candidates in the 2024 Democratic presidential race, and the one with the greatest ballot access (over 30 states). As a Democrat voting in the primary, you have absolutely nothing to lose by voting for Marianne Williamson . . . and so much to gain.

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