Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Morning in the Garden

This morning I worked in the back garden – finally putting one of those not-very-aesthetic-looking thick plastic edgings around the garden bed that I established in 2007. This edging had been rolled up in the garage for over a year, and so to flatten it out I had to place a number of small concrete blocks on it for a couple of days.

Once I laid the edging around the garden, I decided to use the blocks to make a little ornamental structure in the middle of what I’m planning to be a very colorful summer flower bed. I also transplanted some cuttings from other parts of the yard – mainly a few ground covers. You can see one of these at the base of the ornamental structure I built.

Last week I bought a number of packets of seeds – larkspur, lupines, creeping thyme, sunflowers (both yellow and red), a wildflower mix, and, of course, pansies! I’m eager to get these seeds into the ground but first have to sprinkle “Shake Away Small Critter Repellent Granules” all around where I plan on planting, as the squirrels around here are a bit of a problem!

It felt great to be outside – even if the weather today was a bit cool, overcast, and gusty. There’s nothing quite like getting your hands into the earth and working with it and with tender cuttings of plants so as to create (or in this case, prepare to create) something of beauty.

Yes, I know my little flower bed doesn’t look like much now, but just look at the following photos from the last two summers and you’ll get a sense of what it will hopefully soon look like.

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