Saturday, December 05, 2009

Ah, the '70s!

For this evening’s “music night” at The Wild Reed I share a classic Australian pop hit from 1975. Yes, it’s “Denim and Lace” by Marty Rhone.

In the video below, Rhone is performing (okay, lip-synching - as was the practice back then) “Denim and Lace” on the popular weekly Australian music show,
Countdown (1974-1987). For most kids growing up in Australia at that time, Countdown was a show not to be missed. And as a little gay boy way back then, I was quite taken by the handsome Marty Rhone. But then who wouldn’t appreciate that beautiful smile, that hair, those clothes, and those goofy but endearing dance moves! Ah, the ’70s!

Hey, there you go
pretending you are fancy free.
But you don’t know,
one day you are gonna be with me,
Yes, with me . . .

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Richard Demma said...

great voice, very unusual, and an interesting ethnic mix in the face. Eurasian?

Mareczku said...

I never heard of Marty Rhone or "Countdown" but I sent this to my two friends down under so hopefully this will be a nice trip down memory lane for them.

Terry Nelson said...

Okay. Imagine this. We are at a dinner table, sitting across from one another - you are telling this story about this singer - rock and lace? (Eye roll.) And I'm staring at you while you are relating this story - all rocked out you are - and I have my right hand over my forehead, and my thumb is extended straight out, while my index finger is pointed straight up, forming the letter "L" and I am mouthing, "You are soooooooooo queer!"

Now that is funny and it completes this post.

BTW - my mother has the same birthday as yours. Creepy.

Happy St. Nick's Day.