Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Wild Reed's Year in Review

Part 1: January - March 2009

Inspired by Thom over at Ad Dominum, who is summing up the activity on his blog over the past year, I thought I’d offer my take on what could be considered “the best” of The Wild Reed for 2009.

Accordingly, of the many commentaries I’ve posted this year, the ones that I begin listing today are those that I’ve most enjoyed researching and writing, and/or that have generated the most comments from readers. If you’ve yet to read these posts I hope you will take the time to do so, and that the experiences and insights they convey will resonate with you, and encourage and inspire you on your journey.

Peace and Happy New Year,



January 2009

Conclusion of the Wild Reed series “Perspectives on Natural Law” with Part 5: Gregory Baum and Part 6: William C. McDonough

Homosexuality in the Middle Ages

An Evening Stroll (and Theological Musings)

Dialoguing with the Archbishop on Natural Law

An Enlightened Exploration of Integrity and Obedience

A “Catholic Moment” in Brisbane

Paula Ruddy on “Spiritual Paternity”

The White Rooster

Conclusion of the Wild Reed series “Progressives and Obama” with Part 6: Colleen Kochivar-Baker and Patrick Martin

President Barack Obama

My “Bone Country”

“That Utterly Profound ‘In-Loveness’”

Competent Parenting Doesn’t Require “Traditional Marriage”

John Selby Spong: “Homosexuality is Not Unnatural”

Human Sex: Weird and Silly, Messy and Sublime

February 2009

The Sufi Way

Part 4 of “In the Footsteps of Spring”: Coming Out


Clearing Away the Debris

A Catholic Crisis and Opportunity in South Minneapolis

Where Milk Gets It Wrong

Of Mustard Seeds and Walled Gardens

Homophobia? It’s So Gay

March 2009

Remembering Dusty

Why Jesus is My Man

“This Light Breeze That Loves Me” - Theological Reflections on Ferzan Ozpetek’s film Hamam: The Turkish Bath)

Rome Falling

Too Wild?

Pasolini’s “Wrathful Christ”

Beginning of the Wild Reed series The Journal of James Curtis with Part 1: A “Bells and Smells” Kind of Guy and Part 2: A Quiet Visit and an Exhausting Conversation

One Fearless Kiss

The Gifts of Homosexuality

What the Notre Dame Controversy is Really About and What’s Really at Stake

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Mareczku said...

Oh, oh, I still need to do a little bit of housework and the dishes but instead I am spending time reviewing last year. You blog is excellent, Michael but sometimes it is a challenge to tear myself away. Peace - Mark

Michael J. Bayly said...

Thanks, Mark. I always appreciate your interest in and support of The Wild Reed - even if it means your housework suffers!