Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Victory

. . . this time in Maryland.

The following is excerpted from a Washington Post article by Aaron C. Davis and John Wagner.

Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler (D) said Wednesday that effective immediately, and until challenged in court, the state recognizes same-sex marriages performed elsewhere and that Maryland agencies should begin affording out-of-state gay couples all the rights they have been awarded in other places.

“State agencies in Maryland will recognize out-of-state gay marriages as of right now,” Gansler said at a news conference explaining the effect of a long-awaited opinion he released Wednesday morning.

Earlier in the day, most lawmakers in the state capital had interpreted Gansler’s opinion as having not gone that far. But Gansler said that in his role as the chief legal adviser to all executive branch agencies, his opinion now dictates how state agencies should respond when same-sex couples from elsewhere request benefits and legal protections they would have been awarded in the four New England states and Iowa, where same-sex marriages are legal.

The issue will soon become far less abstract in Maryland, with the District expected to begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples this spring.

“It’s not that foreign of a concept, I mean, it’s just people, it’s just like any other heterosexual couples,” Gansler said. “However a heterosexual couple is treated that was validly married in Maryland or elsewhere, [a same-sex couple] will be treated like that here in Maryland, unless and until a court or the legislature decides differently.”

Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) responded to Gansler’s opinion with a statement saying: “We will be guided by the Attorney General’s thorough analysis and legal advice on this matter. . . . I expect all state agencies to work with the Attorney General’s office to ensure compliance with the law.”

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Ray from MN said...

Isn't it interesting how governments run by elected Democratic Party endorsed officials don't need to let voters bother themselves with voting on controversial issues.

Being possessed of infinite wisdom, these Democrats just appropriate the electorate's powers and take them to themselves.

Whatever happened to "power to the people?"

Mark N Denver said...

Dearest Ray - this is not a Democrat or Republican issue - as you say this is an issue of the people - but sometimes in history the people make some serious misjudgments - if it were simply left to the people of Alabama blacks would still be very much segregated - it took the executive or legislative or the judicial process to solve some problems in society... that is why we should attempt to elect intelligent and compassionate people - that is where the people get their voice heard - loud and clear...

Mareczku said...

That is good news. Hopefully the Catholic Church in Maryland will recognize people married in other states.

Phillip Clark said...

As a proud Marylander I hope that this will open the door to possible future consideration of civil unions or maybe even marriage equality! I know that our fine Governor supports this effort, even if it isn't advantagious for him politically I know he's behind it!

buff said...

A very happy day for all Crabcake dudes living in the glorious state of maryland.

Mega hairy muscle hugs of joy and couples buddy bonding.