Sunday, February 14, 2010

Town Beach

Earlier today my parents and I spent some time on Port Macquarie's Town Beach.

Above: Dad and Mum - Town Beach, Port Macquarie - Sunday, February 14, 2010.

Above: Cooling off under the watchful gaze of three cormorants.

Above: The little kiosk on Town Beach. That's Swallows' Ledge behind it.

Above: A permanent resident of Town Beach! Dad took this photo - and it's a great one, don't you think?

Above: Dad also snapped this one of me enjoying the surf. Normally, the waves aren't that good at Town Beach, but today they were!

Above: On the rock platform that I so enjoy spending time visiting and exploring - and which I've written about previously (see here and here).

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Mareczku said...

Thanks for the beautiful pictures, Michael. The water looks so refreshing. I am jealous here. What a great St. Valentine's Day.

Raphael said...

One of the final days before you left...what a great way to spend it, at your beach,'town beach'.

I really liked your idea of everyday at the beach swimming before you Boedie spoke about the ocean as being the place to retreat to stop and start most things. What do i mean by this, water has powers.