Thursday, December 09, 2010

Prayer of the Week

Psalm 34

I will bless the Beloved at all times;
a song of praise will I sing.
My soul speaks to the Beloved continually;
let all who suffer hear and be glad.
O, open your hearts, friends,
that your pain and loneliness
be turned to Love;
and then, we shall rejoice in the Beloved together!

When I searched for Love, the Beloved
answered within my heart,
and all my fears flew away.
Look to the Beloved, and your
emptiness will be filled,
your face will radiate Love.
For when you weep, the Beloved hears
and comes to companion you;
and burdens are eased by Love.

The Beloved sends angels when you
call upon these messengers
for guidance and light,
for their gracious inspiration,
One with Love, you are never alone!

Happy are all who dwell in the
Beloved’s heart!
Abandon yourself into Love’s hands,
O you holy ones.
For those who give themselves to the Beloved
lack no good thing.
Everyone separated from Love is empty
and hungry within;
but those who open their hearts to the Beloved
are filled to overflowing!

O come and see, come and hear,
how we honor the Beloved.
Many there are who desire Life,
who yearn for fulfillment,
who covet the wisdom of Truth.
Keep your heart open and free,
take time to dwell in the Silence,
become a peaceful presence in the world.
For the Beloved sees the deeds of our hearts, and
hears our innermost thoughts.
The face of the Beloved turns away from
the evil ways of men and women;
for Love is kind and merciful
and remembers not our sins.

Rather, the Beloved is patient,
ever-waiting for us to cry out for forgiveness,
to embrace Love’s way.
How often the Beloved weeps with compassion
over those who are crushed in spirit.

Though we are beset with many fears
that cause illness and troubles,
the Beloved is ever ready
to comfort us in our sorrows,
to strengthen us on our soul’s journey to wholeness.
The Beloved renews the life of all
who surrender to Love.

Image: Michael J. Bayly.

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