Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Something to Celebrate . . .


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Same-Sex Marriage Wins on the Ballot for the First Time in American History – Ashley Fetters (The Atlantic, November 7, 2012).
Gay Landslide, Tammy Baldwin, Marriage WinProject Q (November 7, 2012).
MN Marriage Amendment Defeated – Madeleine Baran, Sasha Aslanian and Curtis Gilbert (Minnesota Public Radio, November 7, 2012).
The Victory for Gay Marriage Was Bigger Than You Realized – David Weigel (, November 7, 2012).
States’ Votes for Gay Marriage Are Timely, With Justices Ready to Weigh Cases – Adam Liptak (New York Times, November 7, 2012).
Marriage Amendment Opponents at Rally Say Still Work to be Done – Rupa Shenoy (Minnesota Public Radio, November 7, 2012).
Looking Ahead: The Seven States That Could Soon Expand Rights for Same-Sex Couples – Josh Israel (, November 7, 2012).
On LGBT Equality, It's Very Clear Where the Trend Lines Are Going – Joe Sudbay (HuffPost Gay Voices, November 8, 2012).

11/9/12 Updates:
Election 2012 Shows A Social Sea Change on Gay Marriage – Lauren Markoe (Religion News Service via HuffPost Gay Voices, November 8, 2012).
Same-Sex Marriage: 'Minnesota, in Particular . . . is Proof That Tide Has Turned' – Beth Hawkins (MinnPost, November 8, 2012).
Majority of Latinos Support State Recognition of Gay Marriage – Richard Morin (ABC News via Yahoo! News, November 8, 2012).
Overwhelming Obama Victory Not Just a Mandate for the President, but for ProgressivesDemocracy Now! (November 8, 2012).
"It's Not a Traditional America Anymore" – Syreeta, Feministing (, November 8, 2012).
Goodbye Christian America, Hello True Christianity – Richard Stearns (HuffPost Religion, November 8, 2012).
Ten Reasons Why Marriage Equality Won This Year – Chad Griffin (HuffPost Gay Voices, November 9, 2012).
Eighteen Months to History: How the Minnesota Marriage Amendment was Defeated – Money, Passion, Allies – Eric Ringham and Sasha Aslanian (Minnesota Public Radio, November 9, 2012).

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