Thursday, April 28, 2016

And As We Dance . . .

. . . we realize that we don't have to stay
on the little spot of our grief,
but we can step beyond it.

We stop centering our lives on ourselves.
We pull others along with us
and invite them into the larger dance.
We learn to make room for others
– and the Gracious Other in our midst.

And when we become present
to God and God's people,
we find our lives richer.
We come to know that all the world
is our dance floor.
Our step grows lighter
because God has called out others
to dance as well.

. . . Prayer puts us in touch
with the God of the Dance.

– ‎Henri Nouwen
Excerpted from Turn My Mourning Into Dancing
(Thomas Nelson Publishing Company, 2004).

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Image: Lloyd Knight and Abdiel Cedric Jacobsen of the Martha Graham Dance Company. (Photo: Ken Browar and Deborah Ory of the NYC Dance Project)

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