Friday, April 22, 2016

Quote of the Day

[Michael Voris (pictured at right), editor of and supporter of the Courage apostolate] is . . . telling the world he has a homosexual past. He speaks as if he is somehow "over" his past sexual orientation, which he chooses to see as a "forfeiting of masculinity."

I'm truly sorry for his suffering. I have to conclude, though, that there's such a deep, crippling sickness and confusion among right-wing Christians, whether Catholic, evangelical, or Mormon, around these issues of sexuality. Just sick – the need to lie, pretend, uphold rigid binary stereotypes about gender and impose them on all the rest of the world as divine revelation, deny the rich diversity of God's created world that does not fit into the narrow paradigms of the Christian right.

All that, and a ravenous need to target LGBTQ people and call that activity holiness. Sickening – and it creates sick, twisted people, when people buy into these thought patterns.

May Voris find some healing and liberation (and stop shouting at the rest of the world and come into vital contact with his inmost self when he quiets down).

William D. Lindsey
via Facebook
April 22, 2016

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