Wednesday, June 19, 2019


. . . amidst Mississippi reflections
and forest green

Earlier today I spent time by the Mississippi River in Minneapolis with my saaxiib qurux badan, Adnan.

Together we explored the area of urban wilderness around the Winchell Trail, a largely unpaved trail that winds about 2.5 miles along the west bank of the Mississippi River from Franklin Avenue to Minnehaha Park. It follows what was once an Indian trail, and is mostly hidden. In fact, it remains unknown to many long-time city residents.

Our time amidst Mississippi reflections and forest green was a very special one.

If wealth is anything, it is our wildlife, our teeming forests, our clean rivers and oceans; it’s the way we treat this earth and all that live here. True wealth is well-being, a clear mind, and a heart at ease. It is the ability to appreciate this life to such an extent that the gratitude one feels is the divine message of spirit. We don’t need men dressed in various garments pointing to saviours in the sky or in history. True freedom is right here and now in the natural world, in its potential, in its ability to thrive when given a home, when left alone to simply be.

May we remember, deep in our cells and bones, that nature is not something out there but that we are nature. We are the alchemy of stars, of river and ocean, of ancient earth and fire, we are what nature wove over billions of years to see herself. May we fall in love with our own ancient earth body, for lost in a great amnesia, we forgot and imagined we were separate beings, like landlocked amnesiacs abandoned on the edge of time. Yet in reality that is the greatest fake news of all. For to re-member is to literally come back together and know one's place as one with this earth and all our ancestors.

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Images: Michael J. Bayly (6/19/19).

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