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Cassandra Snow on Reclaiming the Word “Queer”

Since 2009 I’ve shared every year during the month of June (and often into July and August) a series of “Queer Appreciation” posts.

Each series is comprised of a number of informed and insightful writings to mark Gay Pride . . . or, as I’ve preferred to call it since 2011, Queer Appreciation.

I always try to include in each series a diverse range of writers and topics; and, in general, the writings I share are positive, proactive and celebratory.

I start this year’s Queer Appreciation series with wise words from Cassandra Snow, author of Queering the Tarot.


I know that the word Queer isn’t comfortable or right for everyone. This is a word that originally just meant odd (another label I happily claim) but, over time, became a slur lobbed at those who were – or were perceived as – something other than straight, cisgender, or both. It was a word meant to hurt us and other us. It was a word used to make us feel that we were different, not welcome, not safe. Over the past several years, our community has done some brilliant work reclaiming this word that once put us in a limiting box. It is now a word that means out of the box. It’s a word that allows us to take pride in being original, non-conforming, unique, expansive, freeing – all beautiful, wonderful qualities. It has also become a word intended to create community with as many identities and others as possible, as we/ve reclaimed them. The world might think you're different – and maybe they’re right. But we celebrate that here in our community, and we welcome you with open arms.

. . . Queering something means asking what our society has given us and finding our own way, outside of that society’s limits. They put us in a box, and we still find ways to create and prosper and make it the most well-decorated box you’ll see. Queerness erases the narrowness and small-mindedness of normal. It embraces the beauty, the mystery, and the vastness of our differences. It welcomes everyone who needs a safer space, and it takes responsibility for helping those people heal.

– Cassandra Snow
Excerpted from Queering the Tarot
Weiser Books, 2019
pp. 1-2

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“Every Part of Your Identity Is a Superpower”

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