Friday, August 05, 2022

Cornel West on the Legacy of James Baldwin

In an age of mendacity and criminality, which is our own, just telling the truth and having integrity is revolutionary. It’s subversive. It’s counter-cultural. James Baldwin . . . [brings] the rich tradition of eloquence, of truth-telling, witness-bearing, soul-stirring writing. . . . [Baldwin] is someone who refused to allow his fire to be dampened by overwhelming bleakness and darkness. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Dr. Cornel West

This past Tuesday, August 2, was the 98th anniversary of the late American writer and activist James Baldwin.

To (belatedly) mark the occasion I share the following 2017 video of Dr. Cornel West discussing Baldwin’s legacy.

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Kenrick Varnado said...

Wow! That's footage that brought on a new deeper found respect for James Baldwin. Dr. Cornell's comment on living in a world of criminality proves even Baldwin's Ideals still are prevalent in todays time. Much needed. Thanks for blogging!

Michael J. Bayly said...

Glad it resonated with you, Kenrick!