Friday, August 12, 2022

Quote of the Day

Maya Angelou told us to believe people when they show us who they are. Trump-supporting Republicans have shown us repeatedly who they are for some years now, and are showing us all over again in the most critical way possible who they are in this latest crisis that has exposed him and them in the most definitive way possible: They’re traitors to this nation and its democratic foundations.

William D. Lindsey
via Facebook
August 12, 2022

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Image: This August 8, 2022 cartoon by Mike Luckovich conveys the reality that Republican outrage over the FBI’s recent seizure of illegally held classified material at Trump’s Florida residence vs. the lack of outrage over the Trump-directed attempted coup at the U.S. capitol on 1/6/21, highlights the dangerous dysfunction, hypocrisy, and cult-like devotion to Trump and authoritarianism of the Republican party.

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