Monday, December 05, 2022

“Your Perception Is a Choice”

My friend Iggy is dedicated to facilitating mind and body transformation – within his own life and the lives of others who are similarly interested in holistic personal growth and change. To this end, Iggy’s professional/vocational life involves providing a range of services, including mindset mentoring, naprapathic massage, and personal training in boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai strength building and conditioning.

Iggy also regularly posts videos and reflections via social media that convey his understanding of the need for – and ways of cultivating – lasting postive change in our lives. A recent reflection by Iggy focused on what I consider a deeply human truth relating to meaning-making (and thus spirituality). I’ll let Iggy take it from here.

Your perception is a choice.

How you perceive any situation is a choice. Your perception is created through repeated thought. Your thoughts create your emotions. How you feel is your experience of life.

It’s not the situation itself that determines how you feel, it is your perception; it is what you tell yourself the situation means.

Once you accept this truth, you can put your energy to training your mind. By training your mind you are able to regain control over your perception, no matter what is happening outside of you.

You always have control over your response. You always have control over how you choose to perceive what is occurring. In this you always have control of your experience of life.

Make a choice to see and experience the beauty, power and perfection in life.

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Percy said...

Like all schools of thought, this one too has limits. When it overlaps with the scammy progeny of est like the Forum, The Secret and The Law of Attraction, it can become a form of psychic violence on people who have experienced traumas (physical, mental, spiritual) that don't yield so readily to "if you change how you think about it, you will be well again" - the implied negative of which is that if you fail so to change, lack of wellness is entirely your fault. Which is an immensely capitalistic form of rugged individualism that is merely veiled in Human Potential Movement gauze.