Monday, December 12, 2022

Dwelling in Peace

I dwell in peace, knowing God is here and God is good.

Sometimes I search for God, though God is in my mind. Sometimes I wait for truth, though truth is in my heart. Sometimes I allow appearances to obscure the beauty of the world.

But not today. Today I know I need do nothing and I need go nowhere, to experience God’s love. For wherever I am, closer than my breath is God Himself with His arms around me. I am safe and secure in knowing this. I am blessed by what is true.

May I not be tempted by the bleakness of the world to think that God is gone, or lured by the thinking of the world to ever doubt love’s power. God is here, love is real, and I am safe. These things I know and will not forget. And so it is.


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Image:Self Portrait (12/11/22)” by Michael J. Bayly.

1 comment:

Sue Ann said...

The pic is great – you have an eye for composition. Your faith is very moving and your acceptance peaceful in these turbulent times.