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Chauncey Devega on the Ongoing Danger of the Trump Cult

. . . and the Wider Specter of American Fascism

Chauncey Devega has penned a timely and insightful piece for Salon in which he documents how even as many GOP voters “would prefer a friendlier face for fascism,” they are “still held hostage by the Trump cult.” Following is an excerpt.


Public opinion research shows that a large number of Americans – for various reasons, not all of them entirely noble or about saving “democracy” – are tired of the extremism, turmoil and chaos of Trumpism and the larger Republican fascist movement. In the recent midterm elections, millions of Americans voted to slow or stop the Republican Party’s “red tide” and in doing so won a brief reprieve in the struggle against authoritarian rule.

On a fundamental level, the midterms also represented a direct pushback against Donald Trump as most major candidates he personally endorsed, along with other banner-carriers for the Big Lie about the 2020 election, were rebuffed at the polls. Even Republican voters and previous Trump voters appear to be tiring of him.

Many such voters still support Trumpism and neofascism for various reasons – including racial grievance-mongering, political thuggery, moral panics over “culture war” issues and other anti-democratic behavior – but would prefer those things in a “friendlier” and less “toxic” package. Let’s not delude ourselves: Many if not most Trump and Republican and other right-wing voters want to end multiracial pluralistic democracy in America, but want to do it in a more “respectable” or “professional” fashion.

Republican elites and gatekeepers have clearly grown tired of what they now see as Donald Trump’s limitations in advancing their authoritarian agenda. In essence, the Trump movement was a successful proof of concept about how to undermine American democracy in the 21st century by breaking longstanding norms and institutions – up to and including the attempted coup that culminated on January 6, 2021. As president, Trump also had enormous instrumental value for the “conservative” movement’s reactionary-revolutionary agenda, largely because he appointed three right-wing Supreme Court justices and reshaped the federal judiciary.

The mainstream media and its professional centrists are also growing tired of Trump and his movement and appear eager to anoint a new Republican leader who is more “mainstream” and “traditional,” supposedly heralding a return to “normal politics” and an end to the existential threat to American democracy. Such a conclusion is premature and based more on hope than evidence. Indeed, it represents a fundamental misunderstanding of political reality and the true danger of American neofascism.

Here is the basic problem: By and large, the American people and the political class are tired of Donald Trump. But he is not tired of the spotlight or ready to leave the public stage.

That is unmistakably a dangerous situation. Trump is likely a sociopath, if not a psychopath. He is a cult leader who possesses tremendous allure and dark magnetism, and who still commands a following in the many tens of millions. He continues to threaten violence and chaos if he is indicted and prosecuted for his many obvious crimes, which include violating the Espionage Act and the coup attempt of January 2021. Recently Trump has embraced the most extreme figures in the white supremacist movement, which includes avowed neo-Nazis and other antisemitic hate-mongers.

Several weeks ago, Trump finally announced that he will run for president again in 2024. Trump has suggested that if he returns to the White House he will seek revenge against his designated enemies – which would include putting journalists and by implication other people who criticize him in prison. Trump has also said he will pardon his followers who attacked the Capitol on January 6.

Trump’s followers and cultists would welcome such a tyrannical reign, of course. They never want the story to end. For them, the chaotic, destructive and antisocial energy of Trumpism is experienced as a powerful force of liberation, an opportunity for revenge against “political correctness” and “the elites” they believe have oppressed and marginalized them.

Donald Trump has multiple pathways to remaining in control of the Republican Party and continuing to menace the American people. At this point, he remains the leading Republican candidate for 2024. He has a firm base of support among older and more conservative voters, one that is far stronger and deeper than any of his rivals command. He has amassed a huge war chest for his 2024 campaign and associated super PACs.

If Republican voters and right-leaning independents are offered the choice between Donald Trump and Joe Biden (or literally any other Democrat), nearly all of them will overcome whatever reluctance they feel and choose Trump. They will do this knowing that a second Trump term will bring renewed chaos and destruction. If Trump is somehow not the Republican Party’s nominee in 2024, he will do everything in his power to destroy it.

Mainstream media, professional politics watchers and “respectable” conservatives have repeatedly assured us that the Republican Party and its voters are on the verge of abandoning Trump and returning to some semblance of political normalcy. It never happens. Ultimately, Trump understands the party and its voters – and the underlying cultural and societal sicknesses and troubles that spawned his neofascist movement – far better than conservative or media elites do. Until and unless the Republican leadership solve that riddle, they will remain in the thrall of Donald Trump and his followers no matter how much they wish they could escape.

To read Chauncey Devega’s op-ed in its entirety, click here.

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