Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Jean Houston on What We Can Learn From the “Awesome” Eclipse of April 8

I’m on the mailing list of author, philosopher and all-round visionary thinker Jean Houston. Earlier today I received the following message from her. It resonates with me; perhaps it will resonate with you too.

April 8th, was a day unlike any before it. Millions of people looked towards the heavens to discover what many called a spiritual experience. For in the dance between light and dark, we had come together as citizens of a powerful and humbling cosmos.

All that had divided us, was subsumed by a rare and precious sense of belonging to an extraordinary home of land, sea and stars. We were drawn into the mystery of light and dark by a childlike awe that initiated us into an unexpected relationship of community, reverence and possibilities.

I couldn’t help but feel this sky ritual as a metaphor for the light of your presence often being overcome with events that challenge the belief in yourselves, each other, and in our societies’ futures. We witnessed the symbolic dance of light and dark, just as our lives alternate between promise and anxiety.

Spontaneous cheering welcomed back the return of our brilliant sun. Those joyous voices were the sounds of the victory of light, hope and the return of all that sustains our collective lives.

For me, you are that light, offering yourself, against all odds, against all challenges, to a holy world.

Sometimes your light may be overshadowed by outdated old patterns, by challenging situations, by witnessing unnecessary tragedies or by an overwhelming fatigue at the foolishness of decisions being made at every level.

When your Light emerges again it can be filled with a powerful new energy, one creatively and spiritually prepared for this extraordinary time of transformation. Against all odds, you can help wisdom and good prevail, and use your imagination, experiences, allies and actions to make your visions a reality and help create a better world.

Jean goes on to talk about an upcoming online program she’s offering. Entitled “Against All Odds,” this program will offer participants opportunities “to expand their consciousness, step into interdependent relationships with the physical and non-physical worlds, grow new dimensions of intuition and creativity, and explore deeper responses to the critical choices and challenges of our times.”

For more information about “Against All Odds,” click here.

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