Monday, April 08, 2024

Quote of the Day

As a transwoman, I am told by [the new Vatican document, “Dignitas Infinita: On Human Dignity”] that I am playing God and misapplying my moral freedom. This is not the reality of my life. My journey to self-acceptance was through realizing my self-worth as God’s creation. My choice to transition and affirm my gender was rooted in my search for existential dignity and social dignity.

This document classifies my identification as “determining one’s identity and future independently of others, without regard for one’s membership in the human community.” This could be nothing further from my truth. I made one choice and that was to live. This choice has let me continue my membership in this living human community. For a document that condemns the death penalty, I can’t help but mourn the irony of church leaders wanting to doom me and others like me to a life headed toward a serious mental health crisis instead of affording me the moral dignity to find my truth as reflected in the diversity of love God’s image holds.

I wish the Vatican would see my inalienable dignity and move with respect and love for us transgender and non-binary folks.

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Image: Maddie Marlett proclaiming the Gospel and delivering the homily at Dignity/New York’s 2023 annual Pride Liturgy at St. John’s in the Village Church, West Village, NY.

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