Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What's Your Favorite?

Here are 8 images from a collection of pictures that together have been called "the most hilariously effective signs supporting gay marriage." I'll let you be the judge of the accuracy of that claim!

Okay, my favorite is Number 3 – in large part because the guy in it is just so darn cute!

Speaking of marriage equality, did you know that the authors of a recently released polling memo see a "dramatic" shift toward same-sex marriage? Here's what Ben Smith of says about this news.

The new memo, based on public polling, makes the case that support for same-sex marriage has "accelerated dramatically in the last two years" and that the future almost surely belongs to supporters of same-sex marriage.

The pollsters conclude that the issue is changing fast: "It is clear that the public is in the process of rethinking its position on the issue, with all political groups — Democrats, Independents as well as Republicans — and all age groups more likely to support marriage for same-sex couples," they write.

They also note a factor that has been increasingly clear to observers of state legislative fights on the subject: Momentum and public interest appear to be shifting in the direction of supporters of same-sex marriage.

"The intensity of opinion is changing at a rapid pace. As of today, supporters of marriage for gay couples feel as strongly about the issue as opponents do, something that was not the case in the recent past," they write.

And they make the case for a kind of demographic inevitability that's at the core of the argument gay rights activists have been making with increasing conviction to political leaders.

"Support strongly correlates with age" [note the memo's authors Republican Jan van Lohuizen and Democrat Joel Benenson]. "As Americans currently under the age of 40 make up a greater percentage of the electorate, their views will come to dominate."


William D. Lindsey said...

Wonderful photo essay, Michael. I'm mighty fond of picture #1, and would have chosen it, but then I saw #7 and now I'm not so sure!

They're all wonderful, and it's a valuable contribution to have them arranged like this, all together. Thank you for this.

colkoch said...

I have to go with number seven if only because Jesus's message was about the power of community and the power inherent in the love of the marginalized. Seven it is for me.

Nancie said...

Michael, these are great! I'm partial to #2 and #3.

brian gerard said...

#7. Although ALL of them are terrific. Great post.