Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Coming Home"

Writes Andrew Sullivan in the current issue of Newsweek:

You can have as many debates about gay marriage as you want, and over the last 22 years of campaigning for it, I’ve had my share. You can debate theology, and the divide between church and state, the issue of procreation, the red herring of polygamy, and on and on. But what it all really comes down to is the primary institution of love. The small percentage of people who are gay or lesbian were born, as all humans are, with the capacity to love and the need to be loved. These things, above everything, are what make life worth living.

And unlike every other minority, almost all of us grew up among and part of the majority, in families where the highest form of that love was between our parents in marriage. To feel you will never know that, never feel that, is to experience a deep psychic wound that takes years to recover from. It is to become psychologically homeless.

Which is why, I think, the concept of “coming out” is not quite right. It should really be called “coming home.”

– Andrew Sullivan
"Why Gay Marriage is Good for Straight America"
July 18, 2011

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brian gerard said...

Ugh, there is so much wrong with this piece. Sullivan, as usual, makes a political necessity out of his mash of bad feelings. He is never happy about his gayness. There is always some external thing that is responsible for the way he feels (if only he could get married, then he would feel better about himself). Worse, he manages to give credit for years and years of difficult political effort not to the liberal democrats who really did everything, but to some assorted republicans he noticed recently. Always the bootlicker to the right wing.