Monday, January 16, 2012

Our "Unrepeatable and Inviolable Uniqueness"


. . . The human person must always be understood in his[/her] unrepeatable and inviolable uniqueness. In fact, [he/she] exists above all as a subjective entity, as a center of consciousness and freedom, whose unique life experiences, comparable to those of no one else, underlie the inadmissibility of any attempt to reduce his[/her] status by forcing him[/her] into preconceived categories or power systems, whether ideological or otherwise. This entails above all the requirement not only of simple respect on the part of others, especially political and social institutions and their leaders with regard to every man and woman on the earth, but even more, this means that the primary commitment of each person towards others, and particularly of these same institutions, must be for the promotion and integral development of the person.

– Pope John Paul II
Excerpted from the "Compendium of the the Social Doctrine of the Church"

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