Friday, June 26, 2015

Quote of the Day

Right-wing logic: a Supreme Court decision that expands liberty, and takes rights away from no one – it does not force anyone to perform a "gay wedding," let alone to have one, nor does it diminish the rights of heterosexual couples by one iota (other than the "right" to feel superior and special) – is being criticized as "tyrannical" and "oppressive" and compared to Nazism. The hysteria and victimology of conservative Christians is astounding, breathtaking in its scope. Only reactionary bigots could believe that expanding liberty = tyranny, or that not having their narrow minded prejudices ratified in law, and not being allowed to define morality for everyone else was equal to being oppressed. They can continue to believe as they wish, practice their beliefs as they wish. Nothing in this decision changes that. But they will not be able to impose their religious view of marriage on a non-theocratic society any longer. They will not be allowed the special privilege of hegemony . . . a privilege to which they were never entitled.

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