Saturday, June 27, 2015

Something to Celebrate . . .



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No, You Need a History Lesson: The Confederate Flag is a Symbol of Hate – Benjamin O'Keefe (The Huffington Post, June 22, 2015).
The Surprisingly Uncomplicated Racist History of the Confederate Flag – Marc Ambinder (The Week, June 22, 2015).
The Confederate Flag Was Always Racist – Bruce Levine (Politico Magazine, June 27, 2015).
Heritage of Hate: Dylann Roof, White Supremacy and the Truth About the Confederacy – Tim Wise (, June 20, 2015).
White Terrorism is as Old as America – Brit Bennett (The New York Times, June 19, 2015).
Confederate Battle Flag Quietly Removed from Alabama State Capitol – Jessica Chasmar (The Washington Times, June 24, 2015).
Why the Confederate Banner Must Come Down – Douglas Blackmon (Slavery By Another Name via, June 26, 2015).
"We Can't Wait Any Longer": Activist Bree Newsome Removes Confederate Flag from South Carolina Statehouse – Nadia Prupis (Common Dreams, June 27, 2015).
Egalitarianism is On the March – David Cay Johnston (Aljazeera America, June 26, 2015).

Supreme Court Rules Gay Couples Nationwide Have a Right to Marry – Robert Barnes (The Washington Post, June 26, 2015).
Landmarks Nationwide Lit Up the Night in Beautiful Support of Marriage (June 27, 2015).
Marriage Equality is the Law of the Land. Now What? – Tara Culp-Ressler (Think Progress, June 26, 2015).
"Love Supreme": How Newspapers Played the Landmark Gay Marriage Decision – J. Freedom du Lac (The Washington Post, June 27, 2015).
It's No Longer 'Gay Marriage.' It's 'Marriage.' And We're Better For It – Editorial (, June 26, 2015).
Next Fight for Gay Rights: Bias in Housing and Jobs – Erik Eckholm (The New York Times, June 27, 2015).
Celebrating the Arc of the Moral Universe – Steve Benen (MSNBC, June 26, 2015).
A Week That Lived Up to America’s Great Declaration – Jerry Adler (Yahoo! Politics, June 28, 2015).

UPDATES: The Month That Changed America? – Nick Bryant (BBC News, June 29, 2015).
Illegal Defiance on Same-Sex Marriage – The Editorial Board (The New York Times, July 10, 2015).
After 54 Years, Confederate Flag Removed from Statehouse – Jeffrey Collins and Meg Kinnard (Associated Press via Yahoo! News, July 10, 2015).
Obama: Confederate Flag Removal a "Symbol of Good Will and Healing" – Paige Lavender (The Huffington Post, July 10, 2015).

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