Friday, June 19, 2015

Quote of the Day

[Contrary to the recent Washington Post commentary by Jeremy Borden, Sari Horwitz and Jerry Markon] Dylann Roof [the arrested suspect in Wednesday's shooting deaths of nine people at Charleston's Emanuel AME Church] is not someone who "quietly drifted off track."

Dylann Roof is the product of a Radical White Christian Extremist movement in our country that worships guns and believes that Black lives don't matter. Worse than any "thug," Dylann Roof is a terrorist – a ticking time bomb being fed, day after day, the rally cries of Fox Propaganda and conservative talk radio, reinforcing his misunderstanding of the world, his anger, and his belief that he needs to rise up and kill.

We talk a lot about the sophisticated online recruitment campaigns being waged by ISIS, but we fail to call Fox and conservative talk radio what it is – domestic terrorism propaganda.

Dylann Roof may have pulled the trigger alone, but he certainly isn't the only one responsible for the deaths at the Emanuel AME Church. Every viewer of FOX Propaganda and listener of conservative talk radio is responsible for this. And they should all reflect on their part in these deaths and accept the shame they deserve.

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