Sunday, December 23, 2018

Forbidden Lover

The mid to late-1980s saw a number of, shall we say, mature female vocalists teaming up to sing with younger artists.

Perhaps the most celebrated of these collaborations (and certainly the most successful chart-wise) was Dusty Springfield and the Pet Shop Boys with "What Have I Done to Deserve This?" (1987). But there were a number of others: Aretha Franklin and Eurythmics ("Sister Are Doing It for Themselves," 1985), Shirley Bassey and Yello ("The Rhythm Divine," 1987), and the one that perhaps started it all, Sandi Shaw and the Smiths' "Hand in Glove" (1984).

Another similar collaboration took place in 1987 when celebrated "song stylist" Nancy Wilson recorded "Forbidden Lover" with Carl Anderson. It was the title track of her then latest album, one which, according to, was an "attempt to contemporize her sound, with arrangements that recall Luther Vandross and the Earth, Wind & Fire horn section." Wilson, however "gets lost on most of these recordings."

One notable exception is "Forbidden Lover." True, the song when released as a single didn't chart, but it does display the phenomenal vocal abilities of both Wilson and Anderson to great effect.

Given the recent passing of Nancy Wilson, and the fact that the late great Carl Anderson is my favorite male vocalist, I thought I'd share today the official video for "Forbidden Lover." Also, when Wilson performed at Carnegie Hall for the 1987 JVC Jazz Festival, Carl appeared on stage with her to sing both "Forbidden Lover" and "First Time On a Ferris Wheel." (Many of the images that accompany this post are from that memorable appearance of Nancy and Carl together.)

I'm overwhelmed by your love
It makes me question my love
What can I do to make it real good for you?
If you ask me for the world I'll give it to you

You make me crazy for love
You're all that I'm dreaming of
I see you everywhere
I want you to be there
I'm in your spell

Tell me how much will it take
For you to give me your love?
You say me want me to be there
But how long must I wait?
I give you good love
To make you feel brand new
Now it's all up to you
Tell me, what can we do?
Such a forbidden love that's shared by two
This world will talk about me and you
Just say you will
I want you to be my forbidden lover

So we talk and we talk about love
Then we give in, we make love
How can a love so wrong turn out to be so strong?
When you say there's just no use holding on

So we toss and we turn over love
Should we wait or give in to love?
Is it stop or go?
Should I take it fast or slow?
Forbidden lover

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