Thursday, December 06, 2018

Ride to Sundown

Take a ride to sundown, buy a ticket home
Take all the things I've bought you, leave all the rest alone

Black smoke from the chimneys, white smoke from the hills
Everything is moving, but we're standing still

Marble skins turn human, people fade to gray
Put your head into my hands, we'll make them go away

As you're crying softly, you won't ever be disturbed
Red on pink, the sun will sink, have you even heard?

And the colors take me down
It's no reason to be sad
And you leave without a sound
It's no reason to be glad

Celebrations fading, boats upon the waves
I put my head into my hands, trying to be brave

The carnival has packed up, the storm has left us peace
Poppies sleep undamaged as we drive into the east

– Excerpted from "It's No Reason"
by The Church (from the 1983 album Seance)

Image: "Mahad, 12/05/18" by Michael J. Bayly.

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