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Marianne Williamson on NewsNation – 5/19/24

For reasons to vote for Marianne Williamson instead of “uncommitted” so as to voice your opposition to President Biden’s Israel/Gaza stance, click here and here.

And here is Marianne’s take:

A vote for me means that you align with the issues [my campaign] talks about. And with every vote there is a greater possibility of [. . .] influencing the agenda at the Democratic convention.

[Some may be] wondering, “Do I vote 'uncommitted’ or do I vote for Marianne Williamson?” A vote for “uncommitted” still gives those delegates to Joe Biden. If you give the delegates to me, then what you’re doing is giving delegates to a woman who can call-up Bibi Netanyahu and say, “No more!”

It’s important to remember that the sending of “uncommitted” delegates to the convention is dependent on state and party thresholds. In other words, the party still gets to call the shots when it comes to the impact of any kind of write-in campaign.

More significantly, it’s been reported that a DNC spokesperson has said that “any 'uncommitted’ delegate that does get sent to the convention must vote for a candidate that is eligible for the nomination otherwise their vote will count as 'present’.”

In short, an “uncommitted” vote is a vote taken from the sole potentially-eligible “cease fire” candidate, Marianne Williamson.

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UPDATE: Marianne Williamson Says Campaign Was Sabotaged by DNC – Victor Hahan (USA Today, May 28, 2024).

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