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“What I Want to Remember Are the Moments of Love”

Earlier today, Marianne Williamson shared the following on her various social media platforms.

Now that the primaries are complete, I’m no longer a candidate for the Democratic nomination for president.

Deep thanks to all the donors, volunteers and supporters who stood for the radically humanitarian agenda that was the core of my campaign. We articulated an analysis of our history as well as a regenerative path forward that I believe in my heart is the most powerful antidote to authoritarianism and national decline. I hope our message will continue to resonate and impact our political conversation for many years to come.

[For although] the primary is over, what is not over is the need for a more fair economy – for universal healthcare, a guaranteed living wage, an Economic Bill of Rights, a U.S. Department of Peace, subsidized child care, and a society where humans can more easily thrive. Having been on the ground for the last year and a half talking to voters, I have seen what people go through; the political elites and talking heads are in a bubble and it shows. I will continue in every way possible to be a voice for Americans whose hardships are too little addressed in this country, the adequate response to which remains the key to our winning in November.

With deep appreciation to all. 💙🙏

I want to take this opportunity to extend my deep appreciation to Marianne. She and her presidential campaign inspired me in powerful ways – both politically and spiritually. It’s an inspiration that lives on.

Right: With Marianne and my friend Kate in New Hampshire – January 20, 2024. For more images and commentary of our time in the Granite State for the “First in the Nation” presidential primary, click here.

Left: With my friend Deandre who also supported Marianne’s 2024 presidential campaign.

This past weekend, as the primary season wound down, Marianne shared a message about this “transitional point” in her life. Before I re-share this message (and the beautiful video that accompanies it) I want to reiterate my previous message of gratitude to Marianne.

Thank you, Marianne! . . . Thank you for all you’ve done in running for president. I trust you made a difference . . . and will continue to make a difference; it’s just who you are. You certainly continue to inform and inspire me.

Through your presence, words, and actions on the campaign trail, you not only advanced a much-needed progressive agenda but also embodied the shift in consciousness that I believe the Sacred is calling all of humanity to manifest in and through our individual and communal actions.

It’s a shift that invites all to consciously choose love over and above fear. You remind us, Marianne, that when such a choice is realized in our politics as well as in our individual lives, we will bring to birth in our world an era of justice, peace and healing.

So, again, thank you!

Half a Million Votes and
Millions More Moments of Love

By Marianne Williamson

June 8, 2024

As the polls closed on Saturday in both Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands, the presidential primary season came to an end. Having participated in those elections, the end of the season marks a transitional point in my life as well.

The U.S. political system should not be, and does not have to be, as corrupt as it is. The dichotomy between the decency of the American people (the kind of goodness on display in the video above) and the electoral process as it now exists, is very sad to me. I think politics should be an act of collective creativity, and a chance for all of us to make the world a better place. In fact, my experiences running for president twice have assured me that it’s not only possible – it’s what the American people by and large would want.

But the forces arrayed against that are huge. Our politics is in the grip of a greedy matrix that has turned Washington into a system of legalized bribery. And I learned first hand what that system will do to someone who has the audacity to challenge it. Our political and media establishment have seemingly no recognition of their sacred responsibility to facilitate the will of the people. The goal of that system is not democracy, but power; its operatives seek to damage anyone not a part of their club.

I don’t want to write or speak further about the details of that – at least not yet. And I’m thrilled to now transition back to my work as an author and teacher. The book I wrote before my campaign, The Mystic Jesus, is published now. . . . My work has always been for me a single endeavor, whether we’re talking about peace in our hearts or peace on the planet.

I know some people think politics and spirituality are opposites, but they shouldn’t be. Gandhi said “politics should be sacred,” by which he didn’t mean dogmatic or doctrinaire but rather coming from a deep soulfulness. And I agree. Thomas Jefferson wrote his own Bible, remember! And no one can read Lincoln’s Second Inaugural and not see references to God’s will all over it.

The separation of Church and State was never intended to suppress the spiritual or even religious conversation; in fact it was meant to protect it. The First Amendment protects the government from encroachment by religious authorities, and protects religion from encroachment by governmental authorities. But neither should ever be separate from love.

Reading Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., I became deeply inspired by the idea that political change could lead to what King called “the establishment of the beloved community.” (You can read more about that in my book Healing the Soul of America) And I still am. In politics there are people dedicated to some very dark pursuits. But there are also people with such beautiful hearts that I can scarcely contain my gratitude for having had the chance to know them.

That is what I want to take way from my experience running for president. Not the lies or injustices or corruption of our politics. What I want to remember are the moments of love. And they were there. From donors sending their support, to volunteers spending countless hours trying to rally voters, to staff members who were there for all the right reasons, to advisors and friends who shared the vision, I have memories that live and breathe in my heart and will remain forever.

As a writer, thinker, philosopher, and political activist whatever that might mean in my future, my prayer is that somehow what I have been through will make me a better woman – and thus better at all of them. Through it all, I remain convinced that many miracles lie ahead.

Marianne Williamson
June 8, 2024

Above: With my friend Kate in New Hampshire, campaigning for Marianne – January 23, 2024. For more images and commentary of our time in the Granite State for the “First in the Nation” presidential primary, click here.

Above: Summer 2023.

Above: Super Tuesday in Minnesota – March 5, 2024. For more on Marianne Williamson as the ceasefire candidate in relation to the conflict in Gaza, click here, here, and here.

A New Beginning

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