Saturday, August 09, 2008

Good Times, Happy Memories

Here are a few more photographs taken during my brother and his family’s recent visit to the Twin Cities. The photo above, for instance, shows my brother, Chris, and my two youngest nephews, Brendan and Mitchell.

One reason why I think it's important to share such personal photos on The Wild Reed is that images like these help to counter and dispel the fallacies that some religious folks (and, yes, that includes some Catholic folks) have about gay people: fallacies that say that gay people are “anti-family”; that we’re out to destroy the family and civilization; that we have insatiable sexual appetites and are consumed with the need to experience as much promiscuous and impersonal sex as we can. Crap like that.

The reality is I have a family. I’m part of a family. I love my family, and all its members love me – just as I am.

And do you know what? That love inspires me to be the best person I can be – in all aspects of my life.

And do you know something else? I’ve discerned and experienced more life-giving truth in that love than in any document on homosexuality written to date by the Vatican.

I have absolutely no doubt that Vatican pronouncements will one day reflect the love and reality of gay people’s lives and relationships. And it is the love that shines through these photos I share today, and through the lives, families, and relationships of gay people around the world, that is facilitating this transformation.

And that’s good and beautiful news, wouldn’t you say?

Above and below: On Sunday, August 3, my brother and I took his two youngest sons canoing and kayaking through the chain of lakes in South Minneapolis - Lake Calhoun, Lake of the Isles, and Cedar Lake.

Above: Mitchell among the water lilies!

Above: Chris and Mitchell on Cedar Lake.

Above: Brendan in the canoe.

On Friday, August 1, after a wonderful day in the river town of Red Wing, my friend Kathleen and her son Joey, along with my friend Daniel, joined me and my family at my house for a meal, a game of Egyptians, and to watch the season finale of Doctor Who!

Above from left: Daniel, Brendan, me, Mitchell, Joey, and Liam playing Joey’s board game, Egyptians.

Above: Daniel’s new puppy was a big hit with my nephews and Joey. Actually, he was a hit with us adults as well!

On Saturday, August 2, I hosted a BBQ at my home for my brother, his family, and a number of my friends in the Twin Cities.

Above (from left): Mitchell; Liam; Brendan; Marguerite Corcoran, CSJ; and Rita McDonald, CSJ.

Marguerite and Rita were my “companions” during my CSJ consociate candidacy process.

Above (from left): Jane McDonald, CSJ; Molly; my sister-in-law, Cathie; me; and my nephew, Mitchell.

Earlier in the week, Molly hosted a wonderful pool party for my brother’s family.

Above (from left): My nephew, Brendan; Tom White (who with his wife, Darlene, are co-founders of Catholic Rainbow Parents); Rick Notch; Sue Ann Martinson; David McCaffrey (CPCSM co-founder); David's partner, Michael Douglas; me; my nephew, Mitchell; Rita McDonald, CSJ; and Kate McDonald, CSJ.

Above: Standing with my sister-in-law, Cathie, and my youngest nephew, Brendan.

Above: On Monday, August 4, we attended a St. Paul Saints game at Midway Stadium.

Above: With my older brother, Chris, and three of my four nephews, Brendan, Liam, and Mitchell. The boys’ older brother, Ryan, did not accompany the family on its U.S. holiday.

Above: With Liam.

Above: Mitchell.

Above: Brendan.

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kevin57 said...

Bravo! That your whole family loves you just as you are is a blessing, one that all too many gays and lesbians do not experience; unfortunately, too many Catholic families use Church doctrine (or their impression of the Church's stance on homosexuality) to scorn their own children. Shame.

Anonymous said...

Amen to this whole post, Michael. I love this.

And you and Liam show a strong resemblance I think.